Show Gave Me Hope

Raghu Ramappa is a popular figure in the Bangalore, India film industry and won Musclemania® India LW Championships last weekend. He says "I was always a hardcore enthusiast of bodybuilding. My Dad was a competitive bodybuilder and I wanted to follow his footsteps. I was in the industry and competing for four years, until 2006. But being natural and trying to win shows where 'enhanced' freaks competer is was close to impossible. I was distraught and gave up on competing. But when I recently learned about MM and natural bodybuilding was coming to India, it gave me hope. I've been training harder than ever to get back into prime form. And thanks to my Dad, my biggest inspiration, who at [...]

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Natural Comes to India

The inaugural Musclemania® India took place today with over 100 of the country's top natural competitors! Introducing natural bodybuilding into the country was a challenge since there had never been any such show before. Said promoter Tharun Sholarajan, "We started getting so many guys wanting to jump into the show that we initiated an application process. It was real simple - we had them send in photos and if they were obviously on juice, we directed them to another show happening in Mumbai today which was an open to anyone. It thinned the ranks a bit, but we had a pretty clean show off the top. Then, we had urinalysis testing conducted before the start of the show today. We [...]

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Physical Challenges

His friends call him Anand Arnold for being an Arnold Schwarzenegger fanatic. But behind it all is an inspiring story of determination. "At the age of 15, my legs stopped functioning because of the effects of cancer," Anand explains. "I had to wait three years after my cancer treatment to begin bodybuilding. Now, I am 25 and I continue working out and am one of India's top bodybuilders beating men with fully functioning legs." Anand has won several titles including Mr. India (two times), Mr. North India and Mr. Punjab (nine times). He's lifetime natural and says he's been waiting for an all natural competition in India. "The moment I heard about the world's greatest competition Musclemania was coming to [...]

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Two Days in India

The Musclemania India Seminars are a wrap and a smashing success! Hundreds of fans came out to meet MM Pros Ulisses and Simeon Panda along with Ms. Bikini America Jessica Vasquez - Athlete who fielded questions for nearly 4 hours during each of the two-day event. Then, a near frenzy occurred when the three superstars took photos with everyone and signed autographs for 2 hours each day. "It was a blast," said Simeon. "The crowd was so receptive and shot off so many inquisitive questions about everything to do with natural bodybuilding." Musclemania India will be in three month and if expected to host thousands of fans and competitors.

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Campaign Ready

The new season for Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon has started shooting a some new sports, fashion & commercial campaigns. The 5'9", 195 lbs., 30 year old model is also schedule to start a couple of new television shows, too. Chul will be making some special guest appearances this season including MM Asia, MM India & MM Philippines.

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The Sacrifice

Indian bodybuilding star Mobin last competed 3 years ago, but the 5'8", 180 lbs. Bangalore trainer says he's training to return to the stage at Musclemania® India next year. "I have already been on my diet for a couple of months because I want to be ready," Mohammed says. "Its been really hard, I am sacrificing so much. But, I really want to win and get sponsored to compete in America." MM India is expected to have over 1,000 competitors including all divisions, so Mohammed will need to be more than ready at any time in his competitive career.

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