Natural Legend

Musclemania® Pro legend Ade Rai continues to be a role model for Indonesian young and old. The 6', 195 lbs., former MM World and MM Superbody Champion continues to tour the country speaking at schools, community centers, civic events, military bases and on national television shows about the virtues of a natural, drug free lifestyle and sports.

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Back to Nature

Not exactly hard core training, but Musclemania® Pro Ricky Syamsuri says, "I've been spending all my summer vacation close to Nature. Checking out the organic corn fields is one my favorite activities." Well with guns like his, who are we to comment. At 5'8", 195 lbs., the Indonesian sensation is preparing for MM Asia on September and will be training with a team of nearly 30 competitors!

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Indonesian Phenom

Musclemania® Pro Taat Pribadi is looking lean, ripped and ready if his next show as this weekend.  But at 5'7", 180 lbs., the Indonesian phenom is aiming for MM Asia in Singapore in September after nearly winning the '13 MM World Pro Short Class. The Java based personal trainer took a 10 year absence before returning to the stage, so it was a real surprise when Taat appeared in Las Vegas last November much to the surprise of Dewayne J Malone, Law Payne and Larry Camacho. "I enjoyed the challenge and it was great to get back into shape," Taat says. "But, I hope to win next time like my countrymen Ade Rai and Komang Arnawa (both former MM World [...]

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It’s My Life

Never missing a workout, Musclemania® Pro Ricky Syamsuri was in the gym this morning starting off the New Year blasting his arms! "Its my life, man," Ricky says. "I love it!" The Indonesian superstar is a true representative of natural bodybuilding and promotes a clean lifestyle throughout doing seminars throughout the country every year.

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