It’s Simple Size

Looking at Musclemania® Pro Julian Navarro today, you got to scratch your head and ask why he doesn't plan on competing this season. "Size, its that simple!" he exclaims. The 5'7", 190 lbs., 24 year old is still super lean but confesses, MM Pro ranks is tough. "I need to be bigger if I am going to beat those guys." Julian placed 3rd at '14 MM Universe Pro Short Class and 10th at '14 MM World Pro Short Class. He says, "I don't want that happening again. I like winning!"

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Want to Explode

At 5'7", 185 lbs., Musclemania® Pro Julian Navarro is among the thickest, leanest and symmetrical natural athletes on the competitive scene. "I am going to doing some bulking this season," he says. "Last year, I kept real tight, but this time I am going to cheat a bit more and see if it helps with growth. I want to really explode before I compete again!" Follow Julian King Navarro 

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Looking Insane

Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro looked insane at yesterday morning's workout. The 5'7", 183 lbs., 22 year old student is already contest ready and still has 4 months to grow before his MM Pro debut in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Inspired Teenager

Teenage college student Nico Scipione has never competed, but the 5'11", 170 lbs. bodybuilder says he's been inspired by two Musclemania®  Championships - Julian Navarro ('13 MM Universe) and Nick Morrell ('13 MM Superbody Physique). The Philadelphia native gets to train with both bodybuilders and is learning faster without making the same mistakes that other kids his age have to learn by trial and error. Nico says, "I am training smarter with more mind and muscle connection. I like super high volumes with crazy intensity! It really jacks the muscle for me." Nico hasn't yet decided when/where to compete, but he says, "I want to keep it close to home. I want my family and friends to see me on [...]

Big Changes Coming

'12 Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro weeks before the show looked insane! At 5'7", 175 lbs., he looked ripped, full and 20 lbs. bigger. "That was nothing," says Julian. "I am hanging about 195 right now and keeping it lean. I am training heavy with tons of energy and strength, so I expect some big changes come Miami (MM Universe in June)." At just 23 years old, the show will be Julian's MM Pro debut and he knows he'll be up against some major competition.

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Lean Bulking

Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro is redefining the mean of off-season training with his version of "Lean Bulk." The 5'7", 185 lbs., 22 year old explains, "Overall my chest is not where I want it to be but I can see the added thickness in my entire pec. For this reason I am content with my gains for now. We all need to realize that these changes don't just happen overnight. It takes time and dedication, be happy that each day your able to do a little more, it'll all add up in the end." Julian is training for MM Universe next June when he'll make his MM Pro debut!

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Philly Hommies

Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro & protege Nico Scipione are two of the fastest rising stars. The Philadelphia hommies are both college students and occasionally catch a workout together. At 5'7", 185 lbs, the 22 year old Julian is doing his "lean bulk" regimen as he prepares for his MM Pro debut. Nico is training for his first show next spring and wants to dominate the junior division.

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Abs on Show

When Musclemania® Pros Julian Navarro, Chul Soon and Ty Ogedegbe (L-R) lifted their shirts for fans and media in Las Vegas last month, it was a series of 8-packs on full display!  Julian was in town to spend the weekend at the Musclemania® World but says he's training for next season for his MM Pro debut. Chul was thicker and overwhelmingly impressive but not as tight to win the show.  Ty was coming off his big MM Universe victory 5 months earlier but faced a much stiffer line-up than in Miami and did not make the Top 5 cut in Las Vegas.