Setting the Bar

2x Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan has been a determined athlete in the gym, on stage and throughout his life. The 6'1", 200 lbs., 21 year old, lifetime natural reflects that, "I'm the kind of person that doesn't change their beliefs because others disagrees with them. I don't seek or need acceptance. I'm the kind of person who sets the bar."

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Training for the Love of It

Musclemania America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan is making symmetry a grand venture. The 6'1", 195 lbs., 21 year old, lifetime natural bodybuilder says, "I train simply for the love of it, firstly. Secondly, for the aesthetic old school look of bodybuilding. I've always been a fan of the old school physiques. I'm not trying to be an mass monster. More so a old school look."

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At 6'4", 220 lbs., Musclemania Paris Physique Junior Champion Stephen Harrison was a towering surprise at his first show. The former Belgian basketball player and lifetime natural athletes says, "Recently, I have found myself taking more off days in the gym than usual. Think I’ve lost my drive a bit as I have no upcoming competitions within the next six months. Time I should actually be using to work on my weaker points whilst developing a whole different physique for my competitions next season."

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Laying Low, Building Up

Former Musclemania® America Junior Champion Terrance Harris has been laying low for the past 5 years. But, the 5'9", 190 lbs., natural bodybuilder says he's been training hard and heavy and is getting ready for his comeback. "I've been packing on size and working on my symmetry," the Arizona trainer says. "I've start a slow diet and want to gain muscle as I lean out for the show." Terrance will return to MM America but moving up to the Open Men Division!

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Sibling Coaches

Musclemania America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan is amazing people with his continuing transformation each season. The 6'1", 210 lbs., 21 year old says, "I got started bodybuilding by my two older brothers dragging me in the gym and placing me into a atmosphere of competition. That lead me into powerlifting. (which I had a real gift including reaking multiple high school records). But the love for powerlifting and pushing as much weight as possible evolved into bodybuilding by me realizing I had giant arms and it looking unproportional. So I started doing different exercises and seeing results and I loved them. I wasn't as naturally gifted at bodybuilding as much as I was powerlifting but my love for bodybuilding is [...]

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New MM Colombia Champ

Congratulations Daniel Roman (L) on winning Musclemania® Colombia today in Medellin. Seen here being congratulated by MM Central America Champion Alex Rendon, the 5'7", 185 lbs., 21 year old won both the Junior & Open Divisions in his first competition. "It feels amazing!," Daniel says. "My whole family was here with me, so it was special to win with everyone support me. I couldn't be happier!" Daniel will now move on to MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale in June where he'll take on the best natural juniors in the world.

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Enjoying More Food

At 6'1", 200 lbs., Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan is training for the new season. The 22 year old junior, lifetime natural bodybuilding says, "Currently I'm on a lean bulk diet and things are going very well. It seems my body is enjoying more food and is responding very well, growing quite a bit." Brandon will make a special guest appearance at MM Orange County in May. Follow Brandon Flihan

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Can’t Live Without It

Musclemania® Europe Junior Champion Ovi Diu already in top shape. "I'm at 80 kgs., (176 lbs.) and harder than ever," he says. The 5'6", 23 year old engineer is training for MM Universe and wants to be on stage at 85 kgs.  Ovi started training when he was 15 years old and did not compete until 2013. "I always loved lifting, everyday after school, all summer - I can't live without it.  The longer I train, the better I am looking. My physique is taking a shape that I think is classic. It's what I always wanted from bodybuilding."

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My Hearts Into Fitness

Musclemania® Middle East Junior athlete Mohammed is lifetime natural with a passion for bodybuilding. "My parents want me to become an architect, so I am studying in the university for it," he explains. "But my heart is too much into fitness and everything about it. I just love eating right, training everyday and looking great." Right now, Mohammed is off-season training but he explains, "My idea of bulking isn't so much like other people's. I don't believe in bulking to the point were you just become a big fat power lifter. I believe in bulking with proper strict dieting and good nutritious food." So, like many other MM athletes, Mohammed follows the "lean bulk" regimen. He will be competing again next [...]

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Montezuma’s Revenge

Former Musclemania® Mexico Teenage Champion Jose Luis Montes says he's training for next season. The 5'11", 210 lbs., 21 year old has grown nearly 20 lbs. over the past couple of years and says he's taken to lean bulk dieting. "I've been trying and its working great," Jose Luis professes. "Here in Mexico, this kind of routine is new and most of the natural bodybuilders are beginning to try it, too." Jose Luis has great thickness, especially for his age, so the new diet will help to transform the physique and get ready to win on the Junior stage.

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