Sheer Size Off-Season

Musclemania® Korea sensation Seong June Choi says he's getting ready again for Las Vegas, but this time he's aiming to win. The 5'8", 185 lbs., Seoul sports trainer was a Top 5 Finalist at MM World Physique and Model last season. "I have trained for sheer size this year," June Choi explains. "I knew I needed to be bigger but only because of my symmetry. I think I have got it now and will be ready."

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My First Business

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon is already in tight shape preparing for MM Universe in June. But, all the while the Asian star has been working on opening his new fitness training studio in Seoul. "It is my first business, so I am exceptionally excited," Chul says. He is also appearing weekly on Korean games shows and making appearances throughout Asia.

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7 years at 7%

Musclemania® Pro Chang Geun Kim is one of Team Korea's top athletes. At 5'9", 200 lbs., he's been training for 7 years and maintains a lean 7% bodyfat condition all season. "I used to eat a lot in the off-season, but since I am competing against the top guys now, I cannot let myself get without shape," Chang says. He placed 4th at MM World Pro last season in Las Vegas.

Hooked From the Start

Musclemania® Pro Chang Geun Kim is one of Korea's most popular natural bodybuilders. Over the past 5 years, this impressive 5'9", 207 lbs., Seoul trainer has risen among the MM ranks. "I started training because everyone encouraged me to get into bodybuilding," Chang says. "But, I was hooked from the start and have kept a serious training and nutrition plan since the beginning. I am lucky to have small bones and joints but with mesomorphic type muscle. I grow fast but I keep the diet super tight and don't gain much fat. I got to watch my water, but I shed that quickly." Chang was a Top 5 Finalist at MM World Pro in Las Vegas and is training for [...]

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Wellness Entrepreneur

Musclemania® Physique Pro Seung Gon Baek is one of Korea's premier natural athletes. The 6'2", 205 lbs., 32 year old athlete has a classic, athletic shape and is a popular choice for Korean television show programs and magazines as well as extensive modelling publication, runway shows and is a respected fitness columnist. Seung is an entrepreneur and owner of a major Seoul wellness and fitness center with over 1,000 members. Competitively, Seung says he's aiming for MM America in Las Vegas in November.

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New Korean Physique

Training for Musclemania® Korea, Ryan Lee is fast becoming a popular favorite for the show. The 5'10", 185 lbs., university student hopes to also compete at MM in Las Vegas this season. Ryan competed in MM 3 years ago but has a completely different physique now. "I am about 20 lbs bigger and keep my condition all year," Ryan says. "I really want to make a career with bodybuilder and am training more serious than ever."

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Military Muscle

Musclemania® Pro Sid Lindsey hasn't competed since winning the '12 MM Universe in Miami. Currently, he serves in the US Air Force and trains on base in Korea and hasn't compete for two years. At 5'10", 225 lbs., Syd is one of the most impressive natural bodybuilders to take the stage. The former high school and college football star started lifting to build strength for sports, but switched to bodybuilding when he entered the military. Hopefully Sid he will be competing again, soon.

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Media Muscle

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon did a lot of shooting during his trip to MM Universe in Ft, Lauderdale last month. The Korea superstar then appeared on a nationally television fitness show in which he was the celebrity host. Chul will be making a special guest appearance at MM Asia in Singapore in October and back on stage at MM World Pro in Las Vegas in November. His new website will be launched soon.

Korean Apperarance

Musclemania Pros (L-R) Chul Soon & Burkley Goss - Musclemania Pro were on hand at MM Korea held this week in Seoul. Over 400 competitors participated making it the largest natural show held in the country. Burley gave a masterful guest posing performance and the crowd went wild. Chul will be competing at MM Universe next month and Burkley is waiting for MM Paris and MM World this fall.

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Physique Model Star

Some of his own fans may not recognize him, but '13 Musclemania®  Physique America Champion Hyuang Seong Park is among Korea's most popular sports models - with black or snow white hair. The 5'10", 180 lbs., 24 year old college student appears regularly in commercials, magazine advertisement, apparel campaigns and more. Seong was part of an impressive Team Korea at the '13 Fitness America Weekend.

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