Super Lean Beef

New Musclemania® America Physique Champion Dong Yeob Jo created a new definition for "lean". The 5'11", 195 lbs., 25 year old, Korean personal trainer's weight has not changed over the past 2 years of competing but his condition has improved in every appearance.

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Media Splash

Korean superstar Chul Soon took a splash after Musclemania® Universe in Florida in June. The 5'9", 200 lbs., MM Pro followed-up show with 3 days of media shoots with magazine photographers. Chul returned to Korea a few days later and appeared on a nationally televised fitness entertainment show in which he acted the DJ throughout the 1-hour program. Next month, he will travel to Singapore as a special guest at MM Asia along with fellow MM Pro legend Ade Rai of Indonesia.

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Musclemania Pros Chul Soon (L) and Ulisses (R) have always been mutual admirers with respect for the others' competitive and commercial achievements. In just 6 years, Chul has risen from being a Korean sports model to one of the sports most popular natural bodybuilders and commercial stars. For over a decade Ulisses has been legendary with his classic symmetry, incredible muscle bellies and lean condition. But his marketable appeal and public attraction has also made him a commercial celebrity. So, will Chul and Ulisses be in Florida in June for a Musclemania rematch? The season is just beginning to unfold.

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