On His Mission

'14 Musclemania® New Mexico LW Champion Roger Medina was new to the stage and the shocker of the show. The 5'7", 165 lbs., Albuquerque resident says, "Looking back to my first bodybuilding show makes me feel like I didn't give enough. People were like, "Dude, you did amazing for your first show," and I was thinking in my mind I don't really care what people say. What is important to me is to be the best I can be and get that first place." "If you are into bodybuilding you can't think like, "Oh yeah, is my first show and I'm happy if i place. That was absolutely not me. I'm hungry and on a mission to become the best [...]

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Symmetry is King

"Its all arms," says Musclemania® Paris star Bertrand Lim. "I am training them with total priority because they're my weakness. Twice a week or more if they heal sooner and are ready. But, I know symmetry is kind on stage and this is my only weakness." Bertrand nearly won both MM Paris and MM World LW Class last year and he's hellbent on winning the class this season.

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Parisian Muscle

Musclemania® Paris natural stars Bertrand Lim (c) and Medhi Daoud (r) training yesterday with a friend. Bertrand (5'6", 170 lbs.) took 2nd at both MM Paris LW Class and MM World LW Class this season while Medhi (6'3", 225 lbs.) won MM Paris HW.  It was there first competition and now they seem to be driven for more.  "Coming in 2nd Place and almost winning was an incredible experience," Bertrand says.  "But, knowing it was just one point difference is really pushing me to be perfect next time.  I am training for more size on my arms and back.  It will be a different physique and result next time."

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