Back in the Game

After taking a couple weeks off his diet, new Model America™ Champion Rodrigo Romeh says he's back on his game plan. "Now I'm starting a new method to gain muscle," Rodrigo explains. The 6'1", 195 lbs., Mexican sports models says, "I'm loading carbs one day and then two days on low carbs. I'm combining this with giant sets of excersices for two muscles each day."

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Backstage at Musclemania® Universe last weekend, Daniel Roman (L, Colombia) and Fernando Valdez (R, Mexico) were fan favorites both in the theater and on-line.  Daniel, the 5'7", 185 lbs., 21 year old college student, won the MM Junior Class while Fernando, the Model Latino Champion and top commercial sports model, was a Top 5 Finalist in the Model Model Division.    The show was Daniel's first international exhibition and Fernando was the most popular on the on-line broadcast.  Daniel is now touring the US with his family for a few years while Fernando is back home in Mexico City and preparing for Model Hollywood in August.

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Focused On Symmetry

Jose Luis Montes hasn't been seen on the Musclemania® stage for 3 years, but the 5'11", 216 lbs., 23 year old will make a big appearance this weekend at MM Mexico. "I've been training 3 hours and cardio for 2 hours everyday," Jose Luis explains. "I am eating 8 times a day with high levels of protein and very little carbs. Over the last year, I have focused on symmetry because I wanted to develop a classic, MM style physique. Here in Mexico, there are lots of big freaky guys, but I prefer the old school, more marketable look and I have happy with what I see. On Sunday we see the results. But whatever happens, I know I have [...]

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The Learning Curve

Mexican bodybuilder Rob Franzoni continues his natural journey. The 5'8", 180 lbs., 21 year old video producer is training for Musclemania® Mexico in May. "I had learned a lot and am focusing on training for symmetry and conditioning," Rob says. "Every time I compete, I learn more about my body and what makes it work - off season, contest prep and show time. My physique is in a constant evolution."

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Expensive Supplements

He's been competing since he was 17 years old, but Jesus Villanueva plans to come into his own next season. The 5'11", 190 lbs., 20 year old student has consistently added size and conditioned his muscle. "I've been eating a lot more disciplined and it shows," Jesus says. "Supplements are expensive here in Mexico, so I focus more on eating right and it works." Jesus will be in stage at Musclemania® Mexico in May

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Montezuma’s Revenge

Former Musclemania® Mexico Teenage Champion Jose Luis Montes says he's training for next season. The 5'11", 210 lbs., 21 year old has grown nearly 20 lbs. over the past couple of years and says he's taken to lean bulk dieting. "I've been trying and its working great," Jose Luis professes. "Here in Mexico, this kind of routine is new and most of the natural bodybuilders are beginning to try it, too." Jose Luis has great thickness, especially for his age, so the new diet will help to transform the physique and get ready to win on the Junior stage.

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Applied Sciences

Emmanuel Plata was a Top 3 Finalist at Musclemania® Mexico Junior Championships in May. The 5'8", 182 lbs., 22 year old is studying nutrition at the University Autonoma in Mexico City and says he applies the studies to his training. Emmanuel has been lifting for 3 years and is taking off the rest of the season to return to MM Mexico next year.

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Beach Bodies

Ivan Estrada and his wife had their concept of a lounge chair at the beach this weekend! The 5'10", 195 lbs., Jalisco, Mexico gym owner is an avid natural bodybuilder who has his whole family training and living the fitness lifestyle. "I've been lifting since I was a kid," Ivan says. "So, its only right that my wife kids should be at it, too." Ivan will soon compete at Musclemania® Latino.

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Underdog Champion!

Musclemania® Mexico Junior Champion Patricio Diaz was seen as the underdog when he showed up for the show last weekend. The 5'2", 135 lbs., 18 year old student was competing for the first time. But Patricio's fervor and tenacity conquered the bigger and older guys. "I was so surprised when they announced my name!, he says. "I trained so hard for this show because it is the only natural one. I don't want to use drugs and MM let's me shine. I got started training two years ago and am so happy today." Patricio says he's training now for MM Latino in October in Mexico City.

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100 Latino Dijeros

Team Musclemania® did well on the popular Mundo Fox network television game show, 100 Latinos Dijeros. From the first show in the elimination, tournament event, (L-R) Alan Valdez, Larry Camacho, Hector Ruiz, Jose Rodriquez and Gerardo Gabriel were among the favorites. The shows will broadcast nationally in the US, Mexico and throughout Latin America during the week of May 12 - 16. Watch all 3 shows to see the big surprise and how well Team MM did against the other 7 teams. - www.musclemania.comTeam Musclemania® did well on the popular Mundo Fox network television game show, 100 Latinos Dijeros. From the first show in the elimination, tournament event, (L-R) Alan Valdez, Larry Camacho, Hector Ruiz, Jose Rodriquez and Gerardo Gabriel [...]