Age Defying Physique

Musclemania® Colombia Champion Daniel Roman training for MM Universe next month in Miami. The 5'7", 185 lbs., 21 year old is packed with muscle for his age which has been developed over the past 5 years. Daniel says, "I'm working hard to reach my best physique ever. I want to do well in Miami. I'm taking the right supplements thanks to Megaplex and eating carbs during my training. I want to bring a ripped and symmetrical on stage at the Universe."

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6 Weeks Til Showtime!

Musclemania® Paris Physique Champion Lionel Hantscher is just 6 weeks away from his international debut when he competes at MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. The 6'3", 210 lbs., former French National Swim Champion says, "I have put so much effort in changing my physique since the show last year. I've been eating a lot more lean meals, something I never did before because I wasn't interested in getting bigger. But now that I am MM Pro and will be competing against the best natural guys in the world, I can't make any excuses. It all depends on me.

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Feeling Model Magic

Model Latino Champion Fernando Valdez is 6 weeks from making a repeat performance at Model Universe in Florida. The 6'1", 195 lbs., 24 year old says, "I feel excited because we are getting closer to the competition. I have changed a lot so I think I am taking my best physique to Miami. I am focusing completely on the muscular definition of my body till the show time comes."

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Training for Miami

Musclemania Pro Chul Soon is already in incredible shape for MM Universe next month in Miami / Ft. Lauderale. "I've been working on building my new training studio, but I am also training everyday and command of my diet," Chul says. The studio will open later this month and will have his own training facility.

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Top Form Model

Model Universe Champion Andrey DeAssis is in top form all season. The 6', 195 lbs., 26 year old real estate agent is in demand for commercial and advertising campaign work all year, so he needs to be in shape. "I eat clean 7 days a week," Andrey says. "I actually don't even like cheating because it makes me feel like crap." Andrey will be at Model Universe once again in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale in June when over 400 amazing natural sports models from around the world will compete.

Transformation Process

Just in the US for 3 months, Brian Andraos says he's transforming his physique for Musclemania® Universe Physique in June. "I am training hard, eating more and lots of cardio to grow while getting into shape," Brian says. The 5'11", 215 lbs., 28 year old has never competed. "I want to walk on the Miami stage and make sure know Brian's arrived! It will be a show."

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I Want to Win

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon pumped and ripped in Las Vegas for MM World Pro Championships last November. The 5'9", 200 lbs., Korean sensation is training for MM Universe in June. "I want to win in Miami. The Universe was my first show in America 7 years ago," Chul explains. "It would be a dream come true."  Since beginning his bodybuilding career, Chul has turned it into a commercial success appearing movies, commercials, endorsement deals, personal appearances and much more.

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Energized to Shock

After making his Musclemania® Pro debut in Las Vegas, Burley Goss says his training is now focused on MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. The 5'9", 210 lbs., English school teacher from South Africa says, "I was disappointed with my 6th Place finish, but am energized to shock train my muscles and bring a new physique to Miami."

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Four Years in the Making

Reggie Valera says he'll will be competing in this first Musclemania® show next season. The 5'11", 190 lbs., 21 year old former soccer player has been bodybuilding for four years. "I got into this because my friend started lifting and would go to the gym with him," Reggie says. "I guess it just got me and I haven't stopped. I hit the gym every day, now." Reggie will be on stage at MM Universe next June in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Training for Perfection

Musclemania® Universe star Salman Ahmad got into extremely lean condition for the show in June. The 5'8", 180 lbs., 23 year old student says he's now training for more mass and better symmetry. "It was my first time at an international level and I see now what I have to do to win and not just place," Salman explains. "I want to become MM Pro and I'm going to make it happen!" - Currently, Salman is training in Long Island, New York.

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