Showtime Prepping

Kansas City phenom Donte Franklin is prepping for the Musclemania® California and America shows next month. The 6', 214 lbs., 23 year old heavyweight has been training since he was 11 years old! Donte won the '13 MM Mid America HW Class last year. "I have focused on my legs and overall condition this year," he explains. "I saw what it would take to be MM Pro and I'm been on it."

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Always Had This Thing

Musclemania® Mid America Donte Franklin looking insane. It looks like the 6', 210 lbs., 23 year old car salesman is going to rock the stage this fall.  Donte started training when he was 13 years old.  "I always had this thing about wanting to look like a muscleman," Donte says.  I started training at home in the garage.  I'd lift anything I could find or make.  It's always been my passion."  Donte will guest pose at MM Mid America in October and compete at MM America in Las Vegas.

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Donte’s Inferno

Musclemania™ Mid America HW Champ Donte Franklin was crazy looking at MM America in Las Vegas. Last season was the 6', 205 lbs., 22 year old car dealership salesman's first year on stage. "I have always liked training," Donte says. "But, I never even thought about getting stage. I just liked lifting all the time, since I was 13." Donte barely lost the Junior Class to another show sleeper, Kwame Jack-Duah from Australia. Donte says he will compete this spring in a couple warm up shows and then to MM Universe in June.

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