Moroccan Muscle

At just 17 years old, Moroccan natural bodybuilder Abdellah Tayeb has developed an impressive physique. He's training for Musclemania® Middle East and at 5'9", 155 lbs., wants to compete in the Teenage Division. "I started training 3 years ago," Abdellah says. "I don't use any steroids and the supplements are too expensive. I just can't afford them. So, I eat as much solid food as possible." Abdellah says he goal for this season is simple. "I want to go to Cairo and get my trophy from Ulisses."

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My Hearts Into Fitness

Musclemania® Middle East Junior athlete Mohammed is lifetime natural with a passion for bodybuilding. "My parents want me to become an architect, so I am studying in the university for it," he explains. "But my heart is too much into fitness and everything about it. I just love eating right, training everyday and looking great." Right now, Mohammed is off-season training but he explains, "My idea of bulking isn't so much like other people's. I don't believe in bulking to the point were you just become a big fat power lifter. I believe in bulking with proper strict dieting and good nutritious food." So, like many other MM athletes, Mohammed follows the "lean bulk" regimen. He will be competing again next [...]

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An Engineered Physique

Musclemania Middle East Physique Junior Champion Muhammed Saif had one of the most impressive physiques on stage two weeks ago in Cairo. The 5'9", 185 lbs., 20 year old student has been training for 4 years and always natural. Muhammed is a architectural engineering student and plays on the Egyptian National Team for American Football.

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First Time Abs

In 3 weeks, Egyptian star Eslam Zacky will be competing for the first time. The 5'7", 175 lbs., Cairo dealership owner says he dropped from an overweight 185 lbs. to his thickly muscled physique. "I am really excited to compete at Musclemania," Eslam says. "Getting stage is really something new for me, so I am looking forward to it." Eslam will be among over 300 natural bodybuilders and sports models from through the Middle East competing in Cairo on August 29.

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Conditioned Ready

Moe Hadary is one of the favorites training for Musclemania® Physique Middle East in Cairo, Egypt in 3 weeks. The 6', 210 lbs., retail sales supervisor is conditioned year round and says, "It is my dream win and then compete at MM World." Moe has been training since he was 8 years old. "I used to visualize myself as a comic super hero and would lift things around the house to build my arms," Moe explains. So, having a muscular physique was always something I dreamed about. Moe will be among 300+ competitors and will see if his superhero physique can take on the best if the Middle East's physique.

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