Working Through Injury

After injuring his quad last month, Model Latino Champion Deiwi says he's recovering and just training his upper body. "I am taking the time to work my lats," he explains. "Actually, my whole upper body is benefiting by not being able to train my legs. I won't be able to compete, but still staying lean." Deiwi is living in Miami Beach and will be one of the award presenters at Model Universe in June.

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Changing Things Everyday

"I am training with intensity like I can't remember," claims Musclemania Physique Pro Champion Terrence Teo. The 5'11", 210 lbs., Malaysian sports model is training for MM Universe in two months. "I'm eating more, training twice a day and keeping the cardio balanced with size and condition. I change things everyday based on what I see in the mirror."

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Back in the Game

After taking a couple weeks off his diet, new Model America™ Champion Rodrigo Romeh says he's back on his game plan. "Now I'm starting a new method to gain muscle," Rodrigo explains. The 6'1", 195 lbs., Mexican sports models says, "I'm loading carbs one day and then two days on low carbs. I'm combining this with giant sets of excersices for two muscles each day."

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Deiwi’s Transformation

Model Latino™ Champion Deiwi has transformed his physique since winning the show last season. The 6'1", 200 lbs., former Venezuelan baseball star says, "After the show last year, I knew I had to change my physique if I was going to be successful at the bigger shows. So, I have been hitting the gym everyday for the past year."

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Whole Foods Diet

Model America® Champion Mark Robinson says he's training harder than ever for next season. The 5'11", 185 lbs., 28 year old training management owner explains, "I am lifting heavier weights and super setting them as well until the muscles can take no more . . . and then I push out even more! My nutrition is very strict right now, only whole foods. Protein all day long and then I add carbohydrates around my training. I eat to attain high calories but the right type of calories at the right times. I'm feeling tight, ripped and pumped for my Las Vegas and Los Angeles photo shoots. I am coaching Team 360Health, the squad of athletes I am coaching for the [...]

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Muscle Transformation

Model Latino™ Champion Fernando Valdez continues his transformation from sports model to muscle model. He says, "It has been the product of my love for training heavy. There's nothing I like more in this sport, so I have been focusing since last year and learning about training methods and I think I have already found what works best for me. It's something really gratifying for me and I feel comfortable with my new look."

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Crunch Time

Model Arabia Champion Youssef Sawaby transformed his physique for Musclemania® Universe. The 5'8", 180 lbs., 21 year old says, "It wasn't easy at all to prepare myself for the biggest event of the year. I was very strict with my diet to achieve the best shape of my life. In the last two weeks before the show, I decreased my carbs, protein and fats as well I was almost eating just a 1,000 calories per day, training twice a day. Although it was a very long trip from Egypt to Miami, I tried to maintain that low body fat." Youssef will make a guest appearance at Musclemania® Arabia in Cairo in December.

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Model Transformation

Model America™ Champion Alan Valdez's transformation continues. The 5'11", 200 lbs., Miami based sports model and actor says he's added muscle over the past 6 months while keeping a lean, athletic and aesthetic physique. "I'm heading back to Las Vegas and want to move into Musclemania® Physique," Alan says. "I got more mass, so I think I am ready for it."

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Innovative Muscle Targeting

Belgian sports model Stephen Harrison is training for his first show. The 6'3", 210 lbs., natural bodybuilder will hit the stage at Musclemania® Paris and bring his unique look to the show. And, just as innovative is his training regimen. Stephen explains, "Currently I'm following the Neil Hill workout program, Yoda 3 training (Y3T). It's a split over a 9 week period and divided into 3 x 3-week phases. The first week of my training cycle was based around low rep ranges and more working sets. Currently in my second week, I'm utilizing both compound and isolation exercises to help target my muscles in different ways with rep ranges varying from 12-18 per working set. At 6 weeks out from [...]

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New Body for Las Vegas

Since winning the Model Egypt Championships, Gohary El Gohary says he's been transforming his physique. Then 5'8", 175 lbs., 24 year old restaurateur is training for Musclemania® America Physique in Las Vegas. "I have a new body and feel I am ready for the Physique Divison," Gohary says. "I have increased my protein and carbs and in the gym twice every day over the past 6 months. Its made a big difference in my body and I'll be ready with a new look."

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