Wanted to Be Big!

Growing up in Punjab, India, 18 year old natural bodybuilder Leonardo Zoro says he was always infatuated with big muscle men. "Sports and big, athletic men were always respected here, so I decided I wanted to be one, too," he explains. Leonardo started training when he was just 15 and hasn't stopped since. "I am training for Musclemania India because I am natural and the other shows aren't around here. Besides, I see how MM guys are so popular here in India and in the world and I want to become one of them, too." Leonardo will take the stage at MM India in Mumbai in September.

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Natural Comes to India

The inaugural Musclemania® India took place today with over 100 of the country's top natural competitors! Introducing natural bodybuilding into the country was a challenge since there had never been any such show before. Said promoter Tharun Sholarajan, "We started getting so many guys wanting to jump into the show that we initiated an application process. It was real simple - we had them send in photos and if they were obviously on juice, we directed them to another show happening in Mumbai today which was an open to anyone. It thinned the ranks a bit, but we had a pretty clean show off the top. Then, we had urinalysis testing conducted before the start of the show today. We [...]

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Ulisses World Tour

FILEX - Apr 4-6 - Melbourne Seminars Tour - Apr 24 - Bagalore Seminars Tour - Apr 25 - New Delhi Seminars Tour - Apr 26 - Mumbai New England - May 17 - Hartford Rimini - May 30 - Rimini Arabia - Jun 6 - Cairo, Egypt Universe - Jun 27-28 - Ft. Lauderdale & Miami Asia - Sep 6 - Singapore Paris - Oct 11 - Paris America - Nov 21-22 - Las Vegas More events will be added soon.

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