Leg Day Agony

Musclemania Pro Simeon Panda confesses, "You know it was a good legs session when the DOM's is present by the time you get home. I struggled through doing a bit of Sunday house cleaning yesterday when I got back, I spent a while working out the best ways to pick things up 'without' squatting down lol. Needless to say I had a great session."

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Squat Rack Quality Time

Musclemania HW Adrain Childers says he's focusing on legs next month. The 6'3", 260 lbs., Texas natural explain, "My plans include spending quality time in the squat rack! The past few months I've eased back into squatting again, I feel I'm ready to amp it up a few notches. I plan on doing squats twice a week for the month. One session will consist of sets with lighter weights higher rep ranges (10-15) and a second session with heavier weights lower rep ranges (4-6). My goal is to add some density, strength and shape to my lower body to ensure balance and symmetry with my upper body."

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Sports Academy Trained

Natural Eddy Carrillo can't help himself but to stay in lean condition all season. "I am disciplined all year, even during my atypical off-season," he professes. The 5'8", 185 lbs., Cuban athlete was trained at a Communist government run sports academy, so discipline is embedded in his psyche. Eddy is training for Musclemania Amsterdam and Europe this fall.

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Leaner by the Day

Musclemania® Central America Alex Rendon keeps growing yet is getting leaner by the day. The 5'9", 212 lbs., 22 year old trainer is lifetime natural and training for MM Latino and MM America this fall. "I am just growing real slow but with no fat - just lean muscle," Alex says. "I keep a super clean diet but I gotta admit to cheating once a week. But, it doesn't affect my overall plan. Its all working."

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Early Morning Workout

Natural bodybuilder Jose Marmolejos was just back from training this morning when sending this update. At 5'10", 185 lbs., he says, "I love working out at 4:30 in the morning. I can focus and concentrate on my workout more in an empty gym as I prepare for my Musclemania® debut." Jose will be on stage at MM New Mexico next month in Alburquerque.

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I Have No Limits

At 5'10", 191 lbs., 19 year old bodybuilder Clyde Mataj after his workout this morning. "The chest workout was epic! Unless I'm about to puke, pull a muscle or pass out, I'm not gonna stop. I have no limits. I dream big, I work hard." Clyde has been training for barely 3 years. The Michigan resident and lifetime natural bodybuilder trains twice a day and is training for Musclemania® Superbody™ in September. "It will be my first show and contest diet, so I have already started to see what's working," Clyde says.

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Natural Bodybuilding Engineer

He's done a bunch of untested bodybuilding shows and always a Top 3 Finalist. But, now Daniel Babcock says he's had enough. "I've always been natural, 100% clean," he professes. "I can't compete with those guys unless I use stuff. Hey, that's not me!" So, the 6'2", 197 lbs., 26 year old, computer network infrastructure engineer has decided to train for his first Musclemania® show. "I've talked with some of the competitors and I'm pretty pumped for the show. I got a month or two more of clean bulking to bring up some body parts before I start to dial down hard for the show. I'm keeping my power hypertrophy program going. I do my own approach to stay lean [...]

New Natural Phenom

Could this guy be the new natural phenom?! Check out Henry Adell from Milaukee. The 6'1", 230 lbs., 30 year old personal trainer has been competing in untested shows but is lifetime natural. "I have been winning those show, but I just want to move up the natural ranks," Henry says. "So, I win an untested pro qualifier, then what? Such a waste of time. Its not where I want to be headed." Henry will take his physique to Musclemania® Universe in Florida next week and compete among the best naturals in the world. "It will be a challenge like I haven't faced before, but I am ready." Watch Henry and all of the natural stars on stage LIVE on [...]

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Pharaoh Physique

Egyptian natural bodybuilder Mahmoud Hassan has never competed before, but the 5'6", 160 lbs., 24 year old student has an amazing physique and worthy of taking stage anytime. "I just never thought that I could compete with the guys using the drugs," Mahmoud says. "You see, here in Egypt, none of the shows are natural. I just use protein power, so I would get killed against those bodybuilders." But, as Mahmoud explains it, that's about to change. "I am training for Musclemania™ here in Cairo. I can't wait! I want to go against guys that are clean like me and have a real contest."

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