Back on Track

Florida bodybuilder Reggie Miles says he's back in show form and will be competing at MM America in November. The 5'10", 200 lbs., lifetime natural make a showing at '13 MM Florida but hasn't been seen since. "I've been hitting the gym hard for the past year and my diet has been on track," Reggie says. "I've added about 10 lbs. over the past two years and really improved my legs. So, I will bring a new body to the show."

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Never Missed a Day

With a naturally classic physique, Long Island, New York native Steve Laureus is 3 weeks away from his first competition. The 5'10", 205 lbs., 27 year old has been training since a teenager, but dieting since November for Musclemania® New England at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. "I've always lifted, I never miss a day!," Steve claims. "But, this is the first time I've really planned for a show. It really gives all my time in the gym a different purpose now." Steve will be on stage with nearly 200 other amazing natural athletes from throughout the Northeast on Saturday, May 2.

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It’s All Coming Together

Musclemania® Pro Ty Ogedegbe says he just made a guest appearance at an all women's show. "Its was a very good way to practice my stage presence and posing skills in preparation for MM World in November," Ty explains. "The symmetry is coming together, but I'm still fine tuning a few parts. I've been loading up on Whey protein all week round and then carbohydrates only twice a week. It's all helping me maintain a lean physique all year round and heavier weights for my weak areas." Ty will soon announce his new MM Britain Prep Camps in London, England, for beginner and novice competitors.

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Crunch Curl Workout

Not missing a beat, Musclemania® Pro Julian King Navarro was already crunching curls having decided to train for MM World Pro in Las Vegas in November. "I am back at it and not letting anything stopping me," he says. "Third place is not for me. I am out to win it. So, I messed up my carb loading, who cares! None of it's going to happen again." The 5'7", 180 lbs., 23 year old powerhouse said he was 10-15 lbs lighter than planed for MM Universe last weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, but expects to be at least 190 lbs. on stage in November. "Those boys better be ready!"

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