At 6'4", 220 lbs., Musclemania Paris Physique Junior Champion Stephen Harrison was a towering surprise at his first show. The former Belgian basketball player and lifetime natural athletes says, "Recently, I have found myself taking more off days in the gym than usual. Think I’ve lost my drive a bit as I have no upcoming competitions within the next six months. Time I should actually be using to work on my weaker points whilst developing a whole different physique for my competitions next season."

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Training for Cairo

Musclemania® Paris Champion Loic Zine is training for his appearance at MM Arabia next week in Cairo. At 5'10", 218 lbs., he says, "The goal is to gain some lean weight and stay shredded. My training is composed of deadlifts, squat and bench press for maximum gains of strengh and gneral muscle mass. The other part of my training is really simple, dumbells and barbells (curls, skull cruchers, lunges and shrugs). I take almost 100g of dextrose and some bcaa to get focused and strength. To keep my system in an anabolic state time I eat every 3 hours including lean animal protein, rice and healthy fats." Loic's next show will be MM Universe in Miami.

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French Pharoux

Musclemania® Paris Champion Loic Zine says training for the show was career challenge since it was his first competition. But, now as a MM Pro the 5'11", 220 lbs., 23 year old and lifetime natural bodybuilder has risen fast in the sport and will make an appearance and guest judge at MM Arabia in Cairo on December 11. "I've always dreamed of going to Egypt and visiting the Pyramids, but now I have a chance to also meet all my fans there, too," Loic says.

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Met His Match

Musclemania® Paris was a super tough show with Europe's best natural athletes. So when favorite Greg Vong took the stage, he met his match. The 5'8", 175 lbs. French physique bodybuilder nearly won the show last year but did not make the Top 5 cut last weekend! With over 25 in the Medium Class, Greg says, "The show was a good experience. As always i was in good condition but unfortunately didn't win. Yes, I am disappointed but I feel more motivated to still improve my conditioning. I never give up and I am already hitting the iron to be better me next time."

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Striving for Excellence

"I am striving for excellence," says French bodybuilder Loic Zine. The 5'10", 205 lbs., 24 year old, lifetime natural has been training for 7 years and will make his show debut at Musclemania® Paris next month. "I never thought I would ever be on stage, I just liked hitting the weights. But, as my physique changed, so has my ambition with bodybuilding." Loic was a rugby player for many years before getting serious in the gym.

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Dr. Blaz Goes to Paris

Musclemania® Balkan Champions Blaz Hrastnik is 3 weeks from MM Paris. The 6'2", 225 lbs., 26 year old lifetime natural says, "I always got lean quickly when i wanted. When I start dieting seriously, I lose fat so fast I can fell the skin on my body tightening up on a daily basis. I am combining fasted cardio with mountain hiking and weights in the evening. I eat a lot of meat and about 200g carbs." Blaz just graduated from medical school last month and brings to his training both practical and physiological knowledge.

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Killer Diet

Onomemania! The 6'3", 225 lbs., 19 year old Onome Egger is just 3 weeks away from his show debut at Musclemania® UK. The former Austrian high school football player says he's only been serious bodybuilding for 3 years. "This is my first diet and its a killer!," Onome claims. "But I am so into turning this body into something crazy. I am sticking with all of the low carbs which whip me out every day." After London, Onome will move on to MM Paris a week later.

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Innovative Muscle Targeting

Belgian sports model Stephen Harrison is training for his first show. The 6'3", 210 lbs., natural bodybuilder will hit the stage at Musclemania® Paris and bring his unique look to the show. And, just as innovative is his training regimen. Stephen explains, "Currently I'm following the Neil Hill workout program, Yoda 3 training (Y3T). It's a split over a 9 week period and divided into 3 x 3-week phases. The first week of my training cycle was based around low rep ranges and more working sets. Currently in my second week, I'm utilizing both compound and isolation exercises to help target my muscles in different ways with rep ranges varying from 12-18 per working set. At 6 weeks out from [...]

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Showtime Dieting

Musclemania® Paris Physique Greg Vong is a hallmark of a lean, muscular physique. With two months until the show, the 5'8", 175 lbs., French hospital orderly has mastered his diet, nutrition and metabolism. Greg says, "I'm still carb cycling but reducing my carb intake only before and after training. I have a carb 'refeed' once every 5 to 7 days. Currently, I hit session a week and low cardio 20 minutes after training every other day. But through it all, I keep low glycémique carbs only."

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Parisian Power

A natural bodybuilder for 35 years, Musclemania® Pro Fred Mompo has taken fitness and training to the masses in France. The 5'6", 180 lbs., 50 year young Parisian is a happily married husband and father of 3 who appears regularly on national television and in newspapers & magazines and makes appearance at special events throughout the country. "I love teaching the French people all about natural health, fitness and bodybuilding," Fred explains. He is training now for MM Paris at which he won the Pro Division last season.

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