Italian Navy Muscle

Italian sports model Giovanni Carlos Iannuzzi has always been an athlete and in training. The 5'11", 187 lbs., 32 year old has been bodybuilding for 15 years. But as a Italian Navy Military policeman, Giovanni also trains for the rigorous demands of his professional career. He will be bring his military trained physique to Musclemania® Rome next month.

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Lifetime Sportsman

Serbian natural bodybuilder Pavle Payo Veljovic says he's been into sports his whole life. He is currently training for Musclemania® Rome in May. "I combine bodybuilding and martial arts (especially grappling and Eclectic Fighting System) almost every day!" Pavel has his BA degree in Sport Science and Physical Education and is currently study for his Masters degree. Visit

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Schooled Physique

Serbian natural bodybuilder Aleksandar Vukicevic has been training for 10 years. The 6', 202 lbs., 24 year old physical education school teacher competed at '14 Musclemania® Balkan and wants to take on the world's best naturals at MM in Las Vegas. "SInce the show last year, I have trained for symmetry and condition," Alek says. "I have improved my physique a lot, especially overall mass. I think I can handle an international show and show a really aesthetic physique." If Alek can get his US visa, he'll be in Las Vegas in November. In the meantime, he'll be on stage at MM Rome in May.

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Sibling Bodybuilding

Moroccan brothers Radwan, Kamal & Soufiane Ambroche (L-R) are all into bodybuilding training. Kamal won Model Europe in Rome last June and was a Top 5 Finalist at Model America last month in Las Vegas. Radwan and Soufiane are working to start compete next season. Radwan has developed the most muscle and fastest yet at 6'1" yet still weighs just 180 lbs. Soufiane will appear at Model Europe in Spain in September.