Gym Is My Therapy

"On this beautiful Sunday morning, Musclemania Pro Simeon Panda says, "I really love training, I love killing a session with like minded people. There's a lot of love in the fitness industry, camaraderie, I love the community spirit at my own gym and what I witness at some gyms around the world. Some of the strongest friendships have been built at the gym, and some have met their lifelong partners." "The gym serves as therapy for many, I myself relied on the gym to lift my spirits in desperate and low times. All of this on top of the obvious health benefits, this is the fitness industry I warm to and love." "Looking through Instagram and Facebook and reading comments, [...]

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In My Element

Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda had a mad blast today. "I can't explain how good the pump felt today!," he shouts. "Seeing the vasodilation on full blast. I know it seems extreme to some but this for me is always what it's been about. The first 5-6 years of my training took place at home (so if you refer to my transformation pic, I built my physique up to about 2007 in my room). Over the years, I built myself a mini gym in my bedroom. I would train in front of a mirror, music on full blast and just be in my element enjoying the pump, I love the pump!"

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Under No Illusions

"Stop believing the myths about natural bodybuilding!," says Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda. "I love bodybuilding period, however you get muscle, get muscle! BUT be under no illusion what you can do naturally if you have the patience. Again, anyone who chooses to do whatever, we are all family in bodybuilding, but we cannot discourage the upcoming youth with these ridiculous myths about what can be achieved naturally. I'm a lifetime natural bodybuilder and there and plenty more out there like me."

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Operation Maintainence

Musclemania Pro Simeon Panda on vacation in Bali, Indonesia says, "This holiday I will be on 'Operation Maintain Definition' I have for the first time in almost 2 years chosen to relax my clean eating regime for the week long holiday, I will however be going extra hard in the gym to combat any excess calories, but this is a holiday after all."

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Cover Muscle Model

Kudos to Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda. "This was definitely a memorable moment for me; it's not my first front cover, but it is the first front cover to appear on shelves in both the states and the UK," he exclaims. "I'd been into stores in the states and seen myself on the magazine stands, but nothing beats going to your local supermarket, in your hometown (London), and seeing yourself on the front cover." "If you follow me be sure to grab yourself Train Magazine when you see it, there's a double page feature on me inside." "A big thanks to all of you, your continued support is appreciated. I will continue to work hard at being a motivator, and I [...]

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Muscle Camp Sydney

Musclemania® Australia Teenage Champion Adika Njemanze (c) was a lucky one to be at the Muscle Camp in Sydney last night hosted by Simeon Panda (l) and Ulisses (r). Adika says, "What an amazing experience! I see them on Facebook and YouTube and then all of a sudden right in front of me - there they were. The two are humbled, well disciplined athletes. I hope to one day reach the heights that they have and share it with others as they have." Muscle Camp Tour with Simeon and Ulisses will continues next month in Germany. Dates posted soon.

Super Saiyan

With a classic, statuesque physique, Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda says, "Bodybuilding has made a significant transition, it used to be everyone longed to achieve the physiques of the Olympians, now many want a much slimmer more 'conventionally' aesthetic look, I'm just here trying to turn Super Saiyan."

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Achieving Your Dream

Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda on achieving your dream physique. He says, "I train 7 days a week, workouts no longer than 1.5 hours (don't really need much more than that). I've been training for around 13 years. It's part of my career now but was built while going through schooling and a 9-5 job just like everyone else. Why am I telling you this? So you know your dream physique is completely achievable if you invest the time required to build it." "When I say 'your' dream physique I truly mean the best of your unique structure. We all have to work with what we have. Aspiring to the zeal and ambition of others is fine but we cannot all [...]

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Not Ready for Pros

Musclemania® Paris Junior & Overall Champion Deelan Duriez (R) was a complete surprise to everyone at the show. Seen here being congratulated by MM Pro Simeon Panda (L), the 5'9", 185 lbs., 20 year old student competed in the show last year, but did not crack the Top 5. "I went home and started planning to return as new bodybuilder," Deelan says. "I changed my diet, trained twice a day, concentrated on my symmetry, a lot of things were different this year." Although Deeland technically qualifies as a MM Pro, he's opted to return to the open ranks next year and will compete at MM Universe in June. "I may have won the Paris show, but I am just 20 [...]

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Still Very Excited

For whatever anyone says about Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda, the guy is natural and a leader among drug free bodybuilding. He says, "Firstly, anyone who chooses to go the non-natural route is within their rights to make their own decisions, I hold no negative feelings towards them. However, if you are in the early stages of building your physique (male or female) I would like to encourage and enlighten you that you are naturally capable of building an amazing physique (relative to your genetic make up) if you exercise the discipline and invest the extensive time required to do so. I've been training for around 13yrs now and I am still very excited about the future in regards to progress [...]

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