Australia Muscle Camp

Musclemania® Pros Ulisses & Simeon Panda Muscle Camp Tour returns to Australia in ten days. Coming to Melbourne and Sydney, they will feature hard core, real training workouts and Q&A seminars! Learn more and take part in this exciting and exclusive opportunity.

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Greed and Ambition

PLEASE READ AND DISCUSS: I had a good discussion with a friend of mine about the difference between greed and ambition. It was her opinion that once a person had obtained more than they need, any further aspirations to acquire more were the result of greed. I found this hard to accept as I placed myself in the scenario; I could not accept that my desires to achieve more, were linked to something so negative as greed. I explained to her that my desire to achieve more, were linked to my philosophy that life should not grow stale; goals need to be continually set and worked towards. When I achieve a goal it may be worth x amount, however the [...]

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Crashing Muscle Beach

All eyes were on Musclemaniaâ„¢ Pro Simeon Panda when he crashed Muscle Beach last November after competing at MM World in Las Vegas. Now by popular demand, the 6'1", 230 lbs., 27 year old natural sensation is returning next week for a six week publicity tour.

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