Getting Show Ready

Serbian natural bodybuilder Alexandar Vukicevic has never competed, but the 6'2", 210 lbs., 24 year old student says he's training to take the stage this season. "I train 6 days a week, always heavy movements and low reps," Alex says. "It helps develop thick muscle and density for me, so I''m sticking with it." We should know soon at which show he'll be competing.

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More Work to Do

Still just 19 years old, Onome Egger is holding out for his first Musclemania® until next year. The 6'2", 230 lbs., high school senior says, "I know I got some work to do on my legs and I really don't want to get on stage until everything's ready." Ono trains everyday after school during the week and before work on the weekends. "My parents help me out with the stuff and stuff, so I am ready thankful. I will shock everyone next year that all this hard work is worth it."

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Teenage Aussie

Adika Njemanze won the Musclemania® Australia last week in Gold Coast. The 5'10", 189 lbs., 18 year old high school student had already won all of the other major natural shows last year and decided he was ready to move up to MM. "I did not want to take on the best guys until I knew I could win," Adika says. "Now I am back in the gym and going to hit the weights and eat like a pig so I can compete with the Open guys next year." Adika will still be just 19 years old, but could still take on the the big boys.

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Student Body Ready

Teenager Adika Njemanze is preparing for Musclemania® Australia next week. The 5'10", 190 lbs., 18 year old college student started lifting under the guise he was at the studying at the library. "I started training a couple of years ago against my mother's wishes," Adika explains. "Then, one day I guess I couldn't hide my size any more and she asked me if I was going to the gym. Well, as long as I keep my grades up, she now "allows" me to train every day." In just one season, Adika has already won all of the natural shows in Oz and says he's ready for MM.

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New Body in Training

Never on stage before, Austrian bodybuilder Onome Egger says he's training to become the best natural bodybuilder ever! The 6'2", 225 lbs., 19 year old lifetime natural says, "I keep lifting, eating right and shaping my body until the time I think I am ready to compete. I'm in no rush." But everyone around Onome keeps telling him he IS ready. Still a high school student, Onome plays American football, rides horses, mountain hikes and enjoys being active. But, we will have to wait until he decides which Musclemania® show he will compete. To be announced. - Follow Onome Egger

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Looking Insane

Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro looked insane at yesterday morning's workout. The 5'7", 183 lbs., 22 year old student is already contest ready and still has 4 months to grow before his MM Pro debut in Ft. Lauderdale.

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