Coach Kamal

Cairo, Egypt trainer Ahmed Kamal has physique which could compete in any show he chose. But the 5'7", 204 lbs., 31 year old coach says he's dedicated to training others for competition. Ahmed explains, "When I was young I competed in some local championships, but the organization wasn't good and I didn't continue. I wish I had the chance to compete at Musclemania but, unfortunately, it didn't come to Egypt until last year ago. As I started working as a trainer, I had the pleasure to transform and change people's life to the better even though they're not competing. But when MM came to Egypt a lot of guys started to compete because its a well organized federation, no politics, [...]

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Mr. Marvelous

Malasian Ejal Jalal is proud that he won the Mr. Marvelous show. Don't laugh, its a real contest! And, when you see Ejal on stage and on camera, you know he's no joke. At 5'7", 170 lbs., 27 years old, the personal trainer has incredible muscle thickness and quality. Currently, Ejal is training to take his physique to Musclemania® Asia in Singapore next month.

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Loving Sports

So, how does an educated engineer leave the profession to become a celebrity personal trainer? Well Valentin Bosioc says he's in love with everything that means sports and the passion was just too great. "I am aware of everything that moves in the wellness industry here in Romania," Valentin says. The 5'4", 140 lbs., 32 year old continues, "I've loved sports since I was young. I started with classic bodybuilding, continued into judo, boxing, football, rugby and many others. It went from passion into a hobby into a lifestyle and even a profession." Valentin will soon take his passion to the stage at Musclemania® Paris.

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Super Lean Beef

New Musclemania® America Physique Champion Dong Yeob Jo created a new definition for "lean". The 5'11", 195 lbs., 25 year old, Korean personal trainer's weight has not changed over the past 2 years of competing but his condition has improved in every appearance.

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6 Years and Ready

Hard to believe this kid's just 21 years old, but Daniel Roman has been training for 6 years. He's preparing for his first Musclemania® show next season. The 5'7", 180 lb., lifetime natural says, "I want to wait until I am ready. I've been at this for a long time and when I get to the show, I want to bring the perfect physique." Daniel is a popular Colombian sports model and personal trainer.

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New Latin Look

Johnny Diez (R) may be a new look on the Latin American scene, but the 6'2", 210 lbs., 24 year old trainer is yanking heads everywhere he goes. Seen here with a gym protege, he's been training for the past three years. Johnny says he's not taking his physique for granted and is moving to the commercial level. He will soon travel to Miami to meet with some interested Latin media agents. Johnny will also start appearing on the competitive scene at Musclemania shows.

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Insane Paris

Is this guy insane looking?! Greg Vong is returning to Musclemania® Paris next month and with this new, thick, lean physique is hoping to win! At 5'8", 175 lbs., The French trainer has vaulted on to the natural bodybuilding scene and is being sought out by European fitness magazines. Greg should be a sight to see on stage.

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Power Trainer

Valentino Harris is a Milwaukee legend who as a lifetime natural bodybuilder and power trainer actually competes in powerlifting meets, too. He has only competed in untested shows around the Midwest and claims, "That's all the shows around here." But, now the 5'6", 195 lbs. trainer says he's switching to Musclemania® shows. "I would have competed in MM shows before, but they are always too far away." Valentina says he goal to become MM Pro this season.

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Kenya Pride

Kenyan natural bodybuilder Kevin Kimongoi is among the country's best athletes and will be competing at Musclemania Africa in Nairobi on August 9. The thickly muscled, 5'7", 190 lbs. trainer has added 20 lbs. since his last competition 2 years ago and expects to be lean and ready by show time.

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Brutal Session

New Colombian natural bodybuilder Alex Rendon just keeps on growing and improving. The 5'10", 185 lbs. trainer said today after his leg workout, "A small record of my brutal session of leg in today! Got home practically crawling! This was one of the enjoyable days in the gym even though I can't deny that it was also on of the more difficult of the week! Soon will be the launch of my website with training plans both for men and women! They are connected!"

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