Natural & Proud of It

Musclemania® Colombia athlete Jhonny Diez says he's back on this diet. "I am going to train only for Las Vegas," the 6'1", 200 lbs., sports model says. "I 100% natural, always have been, so I am relying only on solid food. Not even supplements. I respond better and faster to my training each natural." Jhonny will be watching this weekend at MM Colombia in Cali.

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Changing Things Everyday

"I am training with intensity like I can't remember," claims Musclemania Physique Pro Champion Terrence Teo. The 5'11", 210 lbs., Malaysian sports model is training for MM Universe in two months. "I'm eating more, training twice a day and keeping the cardio balanced with size and condition. I change things everyday based on what I see in the mirror."

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Whole Foods Diet

Model America® Champion Mark Robinson says he's training harder than ever for next season. The 5'11", 185 lbs., 28 year old training management owner explains, "I am lifting heavier weights and super setting them as well until the muscles can take no more . . . and then I push out even more! My nutrition is very strict right now, only whole foods. Protein all day long and then I add carbohydrates around my training. I eat to attain high calories but the right type of calories at the right times. I'm feeling tight, ripped and pumped for my Las Vegas and Los Angeles photo shoots. I am coaching Team 360Health, the squad of athletes I am coaching for the [...]

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Dr. Blaz Goes to Paris

Musclemania® Balkan Champions Blaz Hrastnik is 3 weeks from MM Paris. The 6'2", 225 lbs., 26 year old lifetime natural says, "I always got lean quickly when i wanted. When I start dieting seriously, I lose fat so fast I can fell the skin on my body tightening up on a daily basis. I am combining fasted cardio with mountain hiking and weights in the evening. I eat a lot of meat and about 200g carbs." Blaz just graduated from medical school last month and brings to his training both practical and physiological knowledge.

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Comeback Time

'09 Musclemania® World Champion Genaro Alvarado is back into serious training and says it will be his biggest and best shape ever. "I have been taking care of family matters over the past couple years. But now with things settling down, I have the time and resources to get my physique into show shape again." The 5'4", 165 lbs., will make a special guest appearance at MM Latino in October.

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Powerlifter Body

Training for Musclemania® America in Las Vegas, Reggie Miles says he's using all of his experience to create the perfect show physique. "I gained great density of muscle over the decades due to powerlifting," he explains. The 5'11", 205 lbs., lifetime natural athlete says, "My muscles are stronger and bigger to better the best of both sports. I train for strength first to get a good initial base. Then I train for growth to make those efficient muscles bigger and even more efficient. Strength comes first as it allows me to push more weight on a hypertrophy phase which means more stimulation for growth."

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14 Weeks Out

With his sweltering hot summer look, Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan says, "I'm 14 weeks out from the MM World show and ready for war!" I have my game face on 24/7 especially when I'm inside the gym. I have been incorporating new diet methods and have been seeing crazy results. I have been keeping the protein extremely high and carbs as well, but keeping the data super low. I'm also utilizing cheat meals when needed which helps me keep my size." At 6'1", 200 lbs., Brandon's muscle keeps maturing and by show time he should even more impressive.

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Moving to Physique

Model America Champion Alan Valdez says he's in the best shape of the season. The 5'11", 200 lbs., Miami sports model explains his training and diet is on point. "I have been training 6 times a week, working on my weakneses. This time I want to bring a thicker and more dense back. My diet consists of high protein, low carbs with some healthy fats, mostly egg whites, green vegetables, tilapia fish and almonds. I am doing 40 to 60 mins of cardio after every workout and working my abs every morning on an empty stomach." Because he's heavier and more symmetrical, Alan says he's training for Musclemania® America Physique Championships in Las Vegas in November.

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Burning Desires

Musclemania® Balkan Champion Blaz Hrastnik says he's taking his physique to new levels. The 6'3", 230 lbs., 27 year old, Slovenian medical student says, "Right now I have this burning will to go through walls with my training! For the past 3 months I had plenty of time because I only have one exam left to finish my school (I graduate on September 1). So I am training 2-3 times a day. A typical day consists only of training, meals and sleeping! I am planning on going to MM Europe in Berlin, so until then if my estimate is right i should maintain around 220 lbs. on the stage." Blaz is lifetime natural and works out with MM Pro Ben [...]

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Training for the Look

At 6', 216 lbs., Musclemania® Mid America HW Champion Donte Franklin packs a powerful physique. The 24 year old, Kansas City native says, "I train for the look. Strength and size are the last thing on my mind. It all comes with diet and exercise. If my body calls for more carbs and protein, then gains are on the way."

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