It’s Leg Day!

Musclemania® Pro Ty Ogedegbe is hamming legs are part of his regimen for MM World Pro in Las Vegas. He says, "I am hitting up leg sessions twice a week. First day focuses on compound movements - I go as heavy as my legs can carry. The second day is focused on isolation - Leg raises, Ham curls, and on both days, my calves get annihilated - simply because of how stubborn I know they are. I'm seeing results in definition and size - so this recipe is one to hold on to for now."

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Conditioned Physique

Musclemania® Universe Pro Champion Ty Ogedegbe was looking thick, lean and symmetrical during his recent trip to Nigeria. The London based financial adviser appeared on national and regional television shows and featured in city newspapers. At 5'8", 220 lbs., Ty has conditioned his physique since winning last June and promises to bring to the stage a whole new package this season.

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Minute in the Mirror

Musclemania® Pro Ty Ogedegbe is what bodybuilding is all about - naturally hardcore. He said this morning, "Whenever things aren't going my way, I take a minute in the mirror & speak to myself. I ain't crazy? I confirm what I already know, what I've got and what I'm made of."

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Abs on Show

When Musclemania® Pros Julian Navarro, Chul Soon and Ty Ogedegbe (L-R) lifted their shirts for fans and media in Las Vegas last month, it was a series of 8-packs on full display!  Julian was in town to spend the weekend at the Musclemania® World but says he's training for next season for his MM Pro debut. Chul was thicker and overwhelmingly impressive but not as tight to win the show.  Ty was coming off his big MM Universe victory 5 months earlier but faced a much stiffer line-up than in Miami and did not make the Top 5 cut in Las Vegas.