Aussie Shape

Musclemania Pros Simeon Panda (L) and Ulisses (R) shot with Natural Natural Bodz Magazine publisher Steve Jones on Monday just before the Muscle Camp Tour in Gold Coast, Australia. After the shoot, Steve said, "Gee, these guys are in shape. Wow! I was impressed with their conditioning considering its not comp season yet." Simeon and Ulisses are on their way back to London where they will host their Muscle Camp on May 11. Registration details will be announced on Friday.

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Musclemania Pros Chul Soon (L) and Ulisses (R) have always been mutual admirers with respect for the others' competitive and commercial achievements. In just 6 years, Chul has risen from being a Korean sports model to one of the sports most popular natural bodybuilders and commercial stars. For over a decade Ulisses has been legendary with his classic symmetry, incredible muscle bellies and lean condition. But his marketable appeal and public attraction has also made him a commercial celebrity. So, will Chul and Ulisses be in Florida in June for a Musclemania rematch? The season is just beginning to unfold.

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Motherland Visit

Musclemania® World Pro Champion Ulisses is still looking insane even a month after the show! The 5'10", 210 lbs. natural legend is 10 lbs. fuller than when he won in Las Vegas. Ulisses is currently visiting family in Africa for two weeks and found a local gym to train every day. "It's so hot here compared to London, but I had to train," Ulisses says. "So I am staying really lean and loosing lots of water."

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Back at Work

Musclemania® World Pro Champion Ulisses Jr. is back at work in London and still looking crazier than ever! "Ya, I'm back at Reebok running the PT program and working with our clients," Ulisses says. After scoring big in Las Vegas, he went to New York for a few days of shooting with some major commercial photographers.

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All Around Champion

Musclemania® Pro Ulisses Jr. had the audience on their feet in cheers at the MM World in Las Vegas. At 5'10", 195 lbs., the 36 year old dominated the MM Pro Division with incredible muscle size, lean condition and supreme symmetry earning a perfect score in both the Prelims and Finals. "It is the best I have ever looked," Ulisses says. "I trained so hard for this show, dieted like never before. I gave up a lot of time from my family, but now I am the MM World Champion. It feels great!" Complete results are posted here.

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