Who's Competing - 2014 Universe Weekend

"Who's Competing" at  2014 Universe Weekend Show features competitors who have attached photos with their entry form or have otherwise confirmed their intention to compete. Last year, nearly 500 sports models, natural bodybuilders, fitness, bikini and figure women competed at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami making it one of the largest natural fitness shows!
If you're planning to compete at the 2014 Universe Weekend Show in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa or Pacific Rim, please submit your photo to: [email protected]. For proper identification, please include your (1) name, (2) state or country of residence, (3) competition division and (4) competition date/location.

Last Updated - 05/31/2014
Next Update - 06/07

Stacie <Br> Rhode Island  <Br>  Fitness Pro <Br> Universe Show

Aubrey <Br> Pennsylvania  <Br>  Fitness <Br> Universe Show Ed <Br>  Massachusetts  <Br>  Muscle <Br> Univerese Show Jonathan <Br> Costa Rica  <Br>  Model <Br> Universe Show Jorge <Br> Florida  <Br>  Physique <Br> Universe Show Laura <Br> Arizona  <Br>  Model & Bikini <Br> Universe Show

Rodderick <Br> Louisiana <Br> Muscle <Br> Universe Show Simone <Br> New South Wales <Br> Bikini <Br> Universe Show Tuan <Br> Texas <Br> Muscle <Br> Universe <Br> Show Aaron <Br>  Florida  <Br>  Model <Br> Universe Show Arturo <Br>  Costa Rica  <Br>  Model & Physique <Br>  Universe Show

Ana <Br> Serbia  <Br>  Fitness Angela <Br> Rhode Island <Br> Fitness <Br> Universe Show Carlos <Br> Florida <Br> Fitness <Br> Universe Show Daniel <Br>  Florida  <Br>  Muscle Lexine <Br> Pennsylvania <Br> Figure <Br> Universe Show

Julien <Br> Florida <Br> Model And Physique <Br> Universe Show Stephanie <Br> Nevada <Br> Fitness <Br> Universe Show Dennis <Br> Liberia <Br> Muscle <Br> Universe Show Frank <Br> Texas <Br> Model <Br> Universe Show Paris <Br> Florida <Br> Figure <Br> Universe Show

 Raju <Br>  India  <Br>  Muscle <Br> Universe Show David <Br> Florida <Br> Physique <Br> Universe Show Jennifer <Br> Texas <Br> Fitness <Br> Universe Show

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uw_053 uw_054 uw_055 uw_056 uw_057

uw_048 Choi <br> Korea <br> Model <br> Universe Show  uw_050 uw_051 uw_052

uw_043 uw_044 uw_045 uw_046 uw_047 

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