Biceps Day!

August 10th, 2020|Comments Off on Biceps Day!

Florida natural Gabriel Valantino biceps days! "Back when I first started lifting, I used to try and curl as heavy as possible expecting to see growth 😂," says the 5'9", 168 lbs., 21 [...]

Sculpting the Body

August 9th, 2020|Comments Off on Sculpting the Body

St. Louis, Missouri lifetime natural Houston Scott says, "I’m always happy with my progress. Such an amazing experience sculpting the body and achieving something great! It takes hard work and discipline but [...]

Variety Workout Routine

August 8th, 2020|Comments Off on Variety Workout Routine

Peruvian lifetime natural Luis Bellatin has been training for 20 years! The 5'9", 194 lbs., 36 year old, Lima nutrition store owner and celebrity trainer is a master of exercise [...]

Focus on Size,Symmetry, and Condition

August 7th, 2020|Comments Off on Focus on Size,Symmetry, and Condition

Musclemania® Classic Champion Pranav Raj says, "After a 5 month lockdown, I'm back in the gym and pumped! I got muscle atrophy to reclaim and then back to my original plans to [...]

Stay in Shape

August 6th, 2020|Comments Off on Stay in Shape

Italian lifetime natural Andrea Sartor says, "I am doing carb cycling because I want to stay in shape during the summer." The 5'8", 178 lbs., 23 year old, former Musclemania® Europe Teenage [...]

The Art of Bodybuilding

August 5th, 2020|Comments Off on The Art of Bodybuilding

Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah says, "They say 'Bodybuilding is an art. Your body is the canvas. Weights are your brush. Nutrition is your paint.' So here are some training and nutrition tips [...]

Mental Fitness and Discipline

August 4th, 2020|Comments Off on Mental Fitness and Discipline

At 5'8", 180 lbs., Chilean lifetime natural Rafa Román Mckay says, "Being in quarantine has been an opportunity to grow my mental fitness and discipline. Whether I have gym equipment [...]

11 Years Transformation

August 3rd, 2020|Comments Off on 11 Years Transformation

"My transformation over the past 11 years has had its best results this season so far," says Musclemania® Pro Anthony Zugic. "I've stayed in lean shape while growing muscle with [...]

8 Year Journey

August 2nd, 2020|Comments Off on 8 Year Journey

"Symmetry rules and that's all I've been training for since I started in this journey 8 years ago," says Musclemania® Classic Pro Jun Choi. "I think in this season everything is [...]

Passion is Everything!

August 1st, 2020|Comments Off on Passion is Everything!

London master trainer Moziah Pinder says, "Passion is still everything! Countless hours spent training and I still get the same feeling I first felt when I stepped in the gym!" The 6'1", [...]

Feed Your Focus

July 31st, 2020|Comments Off on Feed Your Focus

Musclemania® Pro Ulisses says, "Feed your focus. Only you can make it happen!"

Fun for the Night

July 30th, 2020|Comments Off on Fun for the Night

Korean athlete Hun Chae Jeong 정훈채 says, "It may be Friday night and everyone else is out, but I'm grinding in the gym. This is my fun for the night."

Mastered Total Season Physique

July 30th, 2020|Comments Off on Mastered Total Season Physique

Musclemania® Pro GodAtip Anantawan has mastered total season physique with lean shape and classic symmetry. At 5'8", 185 lbs., Thai native trained for nearly 15 years before competing. Atip is also a [...]

Clarified Goals

July 29th, 2020|Comments Off on Clarified Goals

Chilean natural bodybuilder Rafa Romano talks about the tribulations of quarantine life as a bodybuilder. "A couple of weeks ago I had no motivation to continue training and, believe me or not, [...]

Time to Push!

July 28th, 2020|Comments Off on Time to Push!

Musclemania® Classic Pro Radostin Tsvetanov says, "I'm slowly getting back on track. I did 220 lbs x 6 reps on incline bench press today! And, I'm feeling safe to lift heavier. So, [...]

Stay Hydrated

July 27th, 2020|Comments Off on Stay Hydrated

Musclemania® Asia Champion Isz Ahmad says, "Staying hydrated throughout eat day is the most effective way for fat loss, muscle recovery, keeping the body cool, joints lubricated, delivers nutrients to cells and [...]

Growing Physique

July 26th, 2020|Comments Off on Growing Physique

At 6', 225 lbs., 23 years old and lifetime natural, Musclemania® Europe Classic Rody Mushiete says, "I have never been on a 6 month diet and still have another 3 months before [...]

Physique Restoration in Progress

July 25th, 2020|Comments Off on Physique Restoration in Progress

Omani natural bodybuilder Ahmed Alharthi says, "Its great to be back in the gym and working on my physique. But, simply it just feels great to get to the grind again. I'm [...]

Lean and Ready!

July 24th, 2020|Comments Off on Lean and Ready!

Musclemania® Pro Onome Egger says, "Just trying to make the best out of my genetics! Off to the gym today lean and ready!"

Powerlifting using Heavyweights

July 23rd, 2020|Comments Off on Powerlifting using Heavyweights

For the past 2 years, Finnish lifetime natural Rody Mushiete has been powerlifting and using all heavyweights in his training. But now the 6', 230 lbs., 23 year old, lifetime natural is [...]

Muscle Model

July 22nd, 2020|Comments Off on Muscle Model

Korean muscle model HunChae Jeong 정훈채

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