Maintaining Weight & Looks

August 8th, 2022|Comments Off on Maintaining Weight & Looks

Musclemania® Pro Ty Ogedegbe says, "As it is the summer, there’s much happening and little time to bringing it to fruition so it means every moment spent in the gym [...]

Lifelong Adventure

August 6th, 2022|Comments Off on Lifelong Adventure

Veteran Musclemania® Pro Syed Fazli on vacation in Kuantan, Malaysia. The 5'9", 200 lbs., 50 year old, lifetime natural has been training for 35 years. "The real challenge about being [...]

Building for Symmetry

August 5th, 2022|Comments Off on Building for Symmetry

After 6 years as a professional soccer player, New York City natural Beka Makrakhidze has turned to bodybuilding and physical transformation. At 6'3", 215 lbs., 25 years old, he says, [...]

Consistently Active

August 3rd, 2022|Comments Off on Consistently Active

Enjoying the summer season in his Canary Island paradise home, Jose Luis Angulo Perez says, "Fitness here means just being active on the beach, at the pool and in the [...]

Diet is Key

August 1st, 2022|Comments Off on Diet is Key

Musclemania® Europe Champion Ovi Diu is a civil engineer and personal trainer. At 5'7", 170 lbs., 29 years old and lifetime natural, he says diet has been the key to developing and [...]

Focus on Legs & Back

July 30th, 2022|Comments Off on Focus on Legs & Back

At 5'10", 185 lbs., 21 years old, New England natty Chase Coviello says, "This summer I’ve been focused on my legs and my back. I’ve been doing legs twice a [...]

Motivation Through the Roof

July 29th, 2022|Comments Off on Motivation Through the Roof

Chicago natural Colin McCaffrey says he's been lean bulking fpr 3 years and did a mini-cut for the summer. Currently at 5'10", 165 lbs., 20 years old and lifetime natural, [...]

Love for Lifting

July 27th, 2022|Comments Off on Love for Lifting

Just back from Musclemania® Universe last month in Miami, Tyler Gordon says, "I started lifting when I was 19 to try and impress girls. But, I also wanted to fit [...]

Fuller, Thicker, & Leaner

July 25th, 2022|Comments Off on Fuller, Thicker, & Leaner

Musclemania® Pro Morgan Nakhisa show ready physique. The 5'10", 202 lbs., lifetime natural is training for MM America in Hollywood. It will be his first show in 4 years. "I'm bringing a [...]

Instilled Self-Discipline

July 23rd, 2022|Comments Off on Instilled Self-Discipline

Nigerian natural, coach, trainer and martial artist Muslim Sodiq says, "Bodybuilding has helped me to instilled self-discipline in me and in a lot people and also self discovery, health improvement [...]

Never Out of Shape!

July 22nd, 2022|Comments Off on Never Out of Shape!

Musclemania® Poland Classic Rafal Chamlinski is a personal trainer who's been training himself for 15 years. The 5'9", 208 lbs., 28 year old explains, "I'm always on a strict diet [...]

Core Training Outdoors

July 20th, 2022|Comments Off on Core Training Outdoors

French athlete Curtis Taylor clean, lean and classic makes his Musclemania® debut this season. The 6'1", 230 lbs., 25 year old, lifetime natural played soccer and football all the while [...]

Combining Taekwondo & Bodybuilding

July 18th, 2022|Comments Off on Combining Taekwondo & Bodybuilding

Nigerian fitness instructor Muslim Sodiq teaches women, children and series fitness athletes. The 5'10", 200 lbs., 28 year old is a hardcore natural bodybuilder but his first passion has been martial arts [...]

Love to Persevere

July 16th, 2022|Comments Off on Love to Persevere

Mexican veternarian Cesar Gutierrez has been training for 10 years and at 5'9", 150 lbs., 33 years old, he competed for the first time this year. Now, he's taking it [...]

A Challenge to Learn with Age

July 15th, 2022|Comments Off on A Challenge to Learn with Age

Its been nearly nearly a decade since veteran Musclemania® Pro Ricky Syamsuri competed. Now, the 5'9", 195 lbs., 50 year old says he's preparing for a return to MM America [...]

Lean All Season

July 13th, 2022|Comments Off on Lean All Season

Pinoy lifetime natural Jormiel Labador is lean all season and trains daily at his brother's gym chain in Manila. The 5'8", 180 lbs., 29 year old has been an all [...]

Filled with Incredible Energy

July 11th, 2022|Comments Off on Filled with Incredible Energy

At 6'4", 227 lbs., 21 years old, Russian natural Ivan Eletskiy is training for different purposes than usually presented in Musclemania® media. The Moscow native explains, "I am focusing on [...]

Contagious Training

July 9th, 2022|Comments Off on Contagious Training

Kenyan natural bodybuilder Simba is a commercial actor and model. The 6', 198 lbs., 22 years old says, "I've only been training for a few years and got serious a [...]

Letting Muscles R&R

July 8th, 2022|Comments Off on Letting Muscles R&R

Musclemania® Pro Muhammad Aidil Aidil says, "I took the week off. I just had to do it and let my muscle R&R. The intensity has been awesome, growing, staying lean, [...]

Hammering in the Gym

July 6th, 2022|Comments Off on Hammering in the Gym

Oscar Marin says he's back and hammering in the gym every day. The 5'7", 175 lbs., 29 year old, Colombian explains, "Its been a year, but I focused again and [...]

Always Eating Clean

July 4th, 2022|Comments Off on Always Eating Clean

Musclemania® Pro Manuel Guyer says, "I really don't have an off and on season diet. Since I started training 15 years ago, I have always ate clean thanks to my [...]

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